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      Zhanjiang Juxin New Energy Co., Ltd was established in 2006,it is a high-tech enterprise that specialized in the production of Spherical graphite,Carbon Raiser,anode material of the lithium ion battery.

     We have around 200 acres of company area and 38000 m2 of modernized factory buildings, and the permanent asset is 80 million Yuan. We can produce 12000 tons of “spherical graphite”, 3600 tons of "Artificial graphite",and 15000 tons of "Carbon Raiser" yearly. So far,we are the biggest, highly modernized and most plentiful related products company in China. We have ourselves property rights producing instruments to produce the Spherical graphite,our product equipment and environment is the best in China.

     Our "Spherical graphite”is produced with unique shaping and classifying technology,with the advanced equipment and technology,we can concentrate the particle distribution and ensure the stability of the quality,so,our Spherical graphit's physics and chemistry performance is very excellent. And this product exports to Japan, USA, Canada and India.

      We promise that we will provide the best product, best service and best price for our customer!